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TRACE Global S.A, 73, rue Henri Barbusse, 92110 Clichy, France  (hereinafter « TRACE »), on the one hand,


(Hereinafter “the Producer”)


1) The Producer is the producer and exclusive assignee of the copyrights of the music video submitted.

2) The Producer hereby grants permission to TRACE a non-exclusive license to transmit the submitted music video for exhibition and exploitation in the medium of online video streaming, TV broadcast, satellite broadcast or similar non-downloadable means, partly or entirely, on all TV channels edited by TRACE and its affiliates, as well as on its websites, wap sites, partner websites, video streaming services (such as but not limited to TracePlay, YouTube and Dailymotion), mobile applications and semi-interactive services.

3) The Producer grants permission to TRACE to include overlays, logos and any other interactive layers on the music video for branding purposes and holds TRACE against harmless any redress regarding this.

4) The present assignment of the rights to TRACE takes effect immediately upon approval for a period of 1 (one) year with tacit renewal.

5) The rights granted under the current agreement are worldwide and non-exclusive.

6) The Producer agrees to supply TRACE with a high quality music video file meeting with TRACE technical specifications.

7) TRACE is allowed to duplicate the music video, at its own costs, as long as the copy is destined only for contractually authorized usages.

8) For each broadcast of the music video on its TV channels, TRACE will mention its title, author(s), performer(s) and producer(s).

9) TRACE will be allowed to assign all or part of the benefit of the present contract to its parent company or to all the subsidiary companies TRACE controls directly or indirectly and the contract is valid for all the channels, online and mobile services, websites or applications it exploits.

10) The Producer, as long as its music video is played on TRACE channels, and upon request from TRACE with the aim of accelerating the promotion and development of the artist, agrees to perform for free between 2 (two) and 8 (eight) times during the period defined in article 4 above.

11) The Producer, as long as its music video is played on TRACE channels, and upon request from TRACE, agrees to share with TRACE or any TRACE affiliate a fraction of his/her publishing rights, referred as "publisher share", for the Musical Work used in the music video submitted hereafter.

12) The Producer accepts to receive from TRACE or any TRACE affiliate a digital distribution licensing offer, referred as "digital distribution agreement"

13) You grant JTV DIGITAL, TRACE affiliate, the right to Register Your Recordings and with the SCPP, their associated societies and any other relevant collection societies throughout the Territory for the purposes of collecting Neighboring Rights Income. You irrevocably and unconditionally waive and (where waiver is not permitted by law agree not to assert against JTV Digital or any Digital Distribution Service) any and all moral and like rights that You have in Your Recordings, Your Metadata and/or Your Cover Art Work and the compositions embodied in them. To the extent that the rights granted to JTV Digital under this agreement require the consent of third parties (as would be the case, for example, if a third party owns the copyright in one or more Your Recordings and/or ) You specifically confirm (without limiting the warranties given in this agreement) that You have obtained the prior written consent of those parties to enable You to grant the rights granted to JTV Digital under this agreement. JTV Digital may, during the Term, subject to your consent and approval grant to third parties licences which extend beyond the Term if granted in the ordinary course of business and in good faith. Those licences shall not be affected by the expiry of the Term. JTV Digital may also during the Term, subject to your consent and approval grant to third parties synchronisation licences which extend beyond the Territory. You irrevocably and unconditionally grant to JTV Digital all neighbouring rights in and to Your Recordings and throughout the Territory and authorise and direct JTV Digital to collect all Neighbouring Rights Income regardless of when paid. You shall own all rights in and to the Database subject to JTV Digital’s right to make use thereof during the Term. You shall own the rights to all Your Recordings, , Your Metadata and/or Your Cover Artwork imported, populated and collected within the Database by You.

14) The Producer holds TRACE against any redress or relief which could be intended in the occasion of TRACE’s practice of its rights by the producers, directors, performers, musicians or executants or more generally by anyone having participated directly or indirectly in the production of the music video, notwithstanding TRACE’s obligation to pay royalties to copyright collection societies.

15)   The Producer also guarantees TRACE against any redress or relief which could occur from physical or moral parties not having participated in the production of the Video, who would claim having any kind of rights to enforce on the music video or on its use by TRACE, and who could oppose to a multichannel broadcast.

16)   The Producer will be responsible for any payment due to the people mentioned above among others, no matter the cause or nature, and which could be required from the practice of the rights assigned from the present contract to TRACE.

17) TRACE guarantees the Producer that it will be responsible for the charges due to the authors, composers or other rights-owners, in accordance with the contracts signed between TRACE and the copyright collection societies (such as SACEM).

18) Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this agreement shall be held in the jurisdiction of the Trade Court of Paris, French law being the only applicable one.
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